Navigating the

covid-19 pandemic

LOVE ISN'T CANCELLED, and it's ok to still love

We feel you! You're newly engaged and all plans for celebration seem to be on hold since COVID-19 is quite literally affecting people coming together to celebrate (hello, social distancing).  And while you might be feeling disappointed (we completely understand why you are!), we want you to know there's still reason to celebrate!

Now, more than ever, your loved ones are craving good news and something to look forward to once the dust has settled. So, despite the scariness, here are a few things to keep you moving in the right direction while (still or beginning to) planning your wedding. 

There aren't any rules halting you from continuing to dream, or even against planning the wedding you're excited to plan. Unless, of course, you want to put things on hold for just a little bit (that's ok too).

The uncertain nature of this Pandemic has us on our toes, currently getting back to the drawing boards, working alongside vendor teams to adjust and switch gears, but I'll tell you - we're in it together. We want to keep celebrating love! We're in the business of love, and that is a powerful thing! It's renewed our passion for celebrating alongside our couples, it's invigorated our soul, and hardened our resolve to make sure people are celebrating those moments worth celebrating! People, families, and friends were meant to gather, and share in making lifelong memories - and we're here to help make it a reality!


in the meantime....

...consider exploring the things that you can be doing during this time of social distancing and quarantine. 

1. EXPLORE INSPIRATION - now is the perfect time to really dig deep and consider all the possibilities for your wedding day design. Go ahead, pin like crazy (no judgement here!), you might as well take advantage of the time you have to pin some inspo.

2. DECIDE YOUR PRIORITIES - Let me explain. Is spending quality time with the most important people in your life the most important aspect to your wedding day? Creating the ultimate Colorado experience on your wedding day the end goal? Is the ceremony view the most important to you and your partner? Do you want incredible decor and florals creating the most unique atmosphere? Or maybe having entertainment to rock the house all night is your numero uno. That's great! Whatever you decide focus on, you'll want to put at the top of the list moving forward. I always suggest picking 3 priorities to share with your planner to help shape the initial planning stages, budget allocation and vendor referrals.

3. RESEARCH VENDORS - Start considering the staples you're going to be wanting on your team. Planners, venues, photographers and videographers are a great place to start. They're the highest in demand, and can help move your planning process forward the most. With current 2020 couples having to postpone and reschedule, some dates for 2021 are already booking. Spend time on google, or on insta and feel free to reach out. Nothing makes us more happy than hearing new love stories and preparing for the celebration of YOUR lifetime! We can't wait to help you get the process moving. 

And while we're certainly facing unprecedented times, we're in it together! And as your trusted vendors, (while we're not experts in COVID, or how to react to this specific situation since it's a first time for us too) we all have your best interest in mind. We want to provide you with thoughtful and helpful direction. Be flexible! This situation is continuing to change at warp speed, we're all working on staying on top of the latest, and we will help you develop the best and most realistic plan of action to move forward. What about planning a more intimate celebration? An under 50 person wedding? Check out our Micro-Wedding Planning Package.

The best piece of advice I can offer, and the reason you're here in the first place; it's because you LOVE YOUR PERSON DEEPLY and despite how COVID is affecting your upcoming, current or future wedding plans, remembering this will hopefully bring you comfort. Ultimately, it's about pledging your love and life to your LOVE. I know it might not look like the original vision board, or the wedding you've imagined, but once we are able to gather and celebrate, it's going to create one big celebration of LOVE. Can you imagine how many of your family and friends hearts will explode being there with you celebrating? My guess is all of them.

And if there's anything I can do, answer a question, calm a nerve, sling ideas against, call me - let's chat! I'm here to help. 

4. BUDGET - It’s awful, we get it. No one likes to talk about money. But you can’t really move forward or make any decisions until you know what you’re working with #amiright? Once you know who’s contributing and how much then you can start planning with a plan on what you can commit to spending for your wedding. Read more about budgeting here


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